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Events Planning and Project Management
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Events Planning and Management

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 Cape Town annually hosts both National and International Events. Cape Town has positioned itself as the “Events Capital of Africa” earlier this year. The Events Sectors arranged and managed in Cape Town and surrounds include: Film and Festivals Sporting Events Political and Governmental Events Banqueting Fashion Shows And Concerts […]

body_scrub treatment
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Homemade Skin Scrub Recipe for Healthy Skin

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 Ever wonder what the secret to a healthy Glowing Body  could be. . .   Mix your own Body scrub at home and enjoy glow all year round!   Coconut oil, Cinnamon and Ginger Body Scrub   Mix together two tablespoons of coconut oil, a teaspoon of cinnamon, with […]

detox program
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+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 Detox Program In today’s toxic world, we absorb, inhale, and ingest chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis. When you choose to do a cleanse or detox, your goal is to rid the body of as many toxins as possible. An overload of toxins can jeopardize health from […]

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International Hair Academy

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 Thinking about what you will be doing at your next International hair Academy Appointment. . . Should you keep it long and wavy or perhaps you would like sleek layers or will you be going for the short cut. The 2015 Winter Hair styles include the following: The Blunt […]

fitness training courses
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Zumba Fitness Class

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 International Fitness Academy believe in training our Fitness students on all Aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises in order for them to stand out and be the best in their field. Inspired by various Latin American dance styles Zumba is an aerobic fitness program that primarily gets performed to […]

Spa day
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How do you cope with stress?

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 How do you cope with stress? Stress is known to be the largest infection of the 21st century. We can mediate or even adapt for better sleeping patterns but which therapy would help us with this ‘infection’ … Reflexology – A Therapy that was introduced to the West in […]

Professional Make-up
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Professional Make-up

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 Cape Town has recently been exceptionally popular amongst the International Market for movie and advertising making! Often you will see an area in the Mother City being transformed into a set-up of people running around with bullhorns, models and extras taking a stance and a director shouting, “action!” International […]

Health & Skin Care Career
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A Career in Health & Skin Care Therapy

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 Imagine a working environment where you are surrounded by aromatic smells, romantic candles, a quiet, peaceful space, encompassed by new technology creams and lotions aimed at making any person feel pampered, younger and uplifted. A career in health in skin care therapy is exceptionally rewarding as you will be […]

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All about Aromatherapy

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 Aromatherapy is the art of carefully mixing concentrated essential oils derived from various plants which is used as a medium to massage the body. The active ingredients in the oils penetrate the skin and bloodstream and can have various effects on the central nervous system and body. Students at […]

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Qualify in a Basic and Advanced Nail Art course

+-*+27 (021) 421-6661 +27 (011) 883-8033 The Course Includes: Basic Nail Art: Diamante, striping, flowers Advanced Nail Art includes: Stilletto’s Glitter Nail Art Intricate Flower Technique and Lace Nail Art Colour Acrylics & Gels Russian Nail Art Techniques Intricate 3D Painting Colour Layering Coffin Nail Art Magazine Front Cover Nail Art Competition Style Nail Art […]