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 CEO | Established in 1991 | International Academy
  • 2039

    Become a Health and Skin Care Therapist and make your future happen

  • 2040

    Qualify as a Hairstylist and live a life others only dream about

  • 2041

    Become a Personal Trainer and make your future happen

  • 2042




Founded in 1991, the International Academy for Health and Skin Care is celebrating nineteen years since opening their doors to students seeking opportunities for dynamic careers in the beauty therapy industry.

Brainchild and founder, Maja Grewe says, “The Academy was originated on the premise that there was an urgent need to develop an International standard training institution that could produce students with advanced skills and expertise in the demanding science of beauty therapy and skin care”

The Academy focused holistically on the provision of stimulating and comprehensive internationally recognised diploma courses that will lead to dynamic careers in the beauty therapy industry.

“Never before have young South Africans been as urgently challenged to initiate their own job opportunities as they are today. An important part of the course is our focus on developing the student’s entrepreneurial skills. Quite commonly, we find that graduate students travel overseas to gain career experience, or open their own salons not too long after leaving us with their diploma in hand,” says Ms Grewe who received the ABSA Entrepreneur Business Woman of the Year Award for the Western Cape in 2001.

In 2010, the International Academy has dramatically expanded its educational offering by opening the International Fitness Academy, the International Academy of Hairdressing and the International Nail Academy, all of which offer internationally recognised courses within the Health and Wellness industry.

“We have now expanded our scope as the Health and Wellness Industry has demanded and can now produce highly skilled Beauty Therapists, Nail Technologists, Hairdressers and Fitness Professionals who can build fine careers in health centres, cosmetic houses, hair and beauty salons, fitness facilities, hydros and spas, on luxury passenger liners, in pharmacies and department stores all over the world,” says Ms Grewe.