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 What is Epilation? | Hair Removal Treatments

What is Epilation?

Epilation is the process of removing unwanted hairs. There are two methods for removing hair:

Electrolysis and Thermolysis. Both methods work well and differ mainly in the type of current used. At the International Academy we teach Epilation by thermolysis.

Epilation Procedure:

Thermolysis is done by inserting a thin needle into the hair follicle parallel to the hair shaft. A small amount of high-frequency electrical current is then applied. This results in the generation of heat that destroys the living-zone of the hair folicle. After the current is applied the hair is removed with forceps. All instruments used in this process are sterilized for each individual client, so there is no risk of conducting HIV or hepatitis.

Epilation Effects:

A hair re-growth rate of 15% – 25% can be expected. Often the hairs that grow back are smaller and less noticeable than the original hairs.

Epilation works by causing a small scar around the treated hair root. In people prone to forming thick scars, the scar may be noticeable. If you tend to form thick scars you should not have this procedure done.
Dark-skinned people may develop dark or white areas around the treated hairs; therefore a small test area should be done first. There is a slight risk of bacterial infection from Epilation. If a treated hair becomes red or has pus, consult your therapist.


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