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 Events-Key-Performance | Management | International Academy

What are the Key Performance Indicators for an Events Coordinator?

Discipline is at the top of the list. Keeping within time limits is very important in this industry. You will have to hate a monogamous work environment, as you will have to travel to different venues and sites. You must be organised and love to plan, choreograph and orchestrate events, shows and functions.

Good leadership skills will enable you to lead your project team to success. You must be able to properly train staff and volunteers for your various events as well as do proper performance evaluations. You will have to choreograph your staff’s activities to perfection. Your production schedule and your checklists will enable you to effectively manage this task.
A wise man once said: “You are only as good as you last event.” This is so true in our industry and that is one of the reasons why pre-, mid- and post event evaluations are so important.

There are 3 rules in life:

1. If you do not go after what you want in life, you will never have it.

2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO.

3. If you do not take a step forward, you will always stay in the same place.

Determination to strive for excellence and a competitive drive will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. This should reflect in your day-to-day activities and you should remember that no-one remembers the one who came second.

Preparation is also very important. Being a good researcher will assist you with preparing and staging a successful event. Proper research is therefore the first step to take.


Designing an experience for your attendees is the next step. From the layout of your venue, colour, the theme, sound scaping, décor and visual cues to the menu and security and safety precautions, designing is the next step.

Planning is the third step after all the necessary research has been done and the design completed. Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail. Always plan for the unexpected and you will never be disappointed.


Now bringing all of the above together and managing your staff on the actual day of the event is your next step. This is where your leadership abilities play the greatest part. Your team should feel confident and well prepared.

You must have a competitive edge to survive in this industry and to always try and better your previous performance. With technology developing as fast as it is these days, you will have to strive for excellence and perfection to compete with international standards of hosting events such as the Rugby World Cup, FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games.