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 Why is Nutrition Important? | Nutrition Fitness Plan

Why is Nutrition Important?

Nutrition is key when it comes to the perfect workout . . . Deciding what to eat before a workout is really important. There should be a perfect balance between carbs, proteins and fats. These foods provide nutrients that will repair your muscles and muscle tissue and provide you with energy during your workout.

1. Greek yoghurt:

This contains almost double the amount of protein compared to plain yoghurt.
Nutrition - Greek yoghurt

2. Dried Fruit:

This is a simple and quick to eat snack that will provide you with instant energy. Try things like berries, apricots and pineapples.
Nutrition - Dried Fruit

3. Egg white:

One single egg white provides almost 4grams of protein which can definitely assist with your work out. The yolk of the egg may wear you down, make you feel bloated and sluggish. Try to stick to the white.

Nutrition - Egg white

4. Caffeine:

This has been shown to slow fatigue and increase the rate of fat burn.
Nutrition - Caffeine

5. Bananas:

This potassium filled fruit will fuel your work out like you can’t believe it also assists in nerve and muscle function. This is definitely a fast acting carb that you should definitely give a try.
Nutrition - Bananas

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