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 Top 5 Gym Etiquette | Gym Behaviour | International Academy

Master Gym Etiquette

Being a new comer to gym can be daunting to most people. . . here are a few pointers on what gym etiquette is or should be to

#1: Prevent Blocking Free Flowing Traffic in gym. It is very inconsiderate to congregate with your friends in the middle of the free weight area not even to mention standing in front or closely to someone who is busy working out.

#2: The Locker room is not your personal bathroom at home – don’t take a shower marathon; many people need to get to work and might be in a hurry. Don’t take up 3 lockers and place your bag and clothes all over the bench.

#3: Towels are extremely important – this helps you to keep your sweat to yourself. Wipe off the machine when you have used it or make use of the Sanitizing Spray and protection paper that most gyms like Virgin Active, Zone Fitness and Planet Fitness use.

#4:Never leave dumbbells or barbells on the floor or next to the bench where you just used them and take off – place them back where they belong. Not only can this create a hazardous area but also cause traffic and in most cases frustration.

#5: Empty your weight bar and leg press machine after you have used it. Not all people are as strong as you are and might find it very difficult to remove the weights that you so easily used.
Top 5 Gym Etiquette