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 Gym Instructor | Personal Trainer | International Academy

Be the best Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer

In order to be a good Gym Instructor and Personal trainer you need to work out and exercise yourself. Not only are you an walking advertisement but your clients will respect you more if you are fit and healthy. Your client wants to look like you – you are setting an example therefor you need to train constantly. – You need to value your own training as high as you value your career as a trainer.
Always be yourself and remember to have your clients best interest at heart. It is good to occasionally crack a joke or share a personal story. It is important for the client to trust their Gym instructor/Personal trainer. Remember to challenge your client – do not discourage them or belittle them. Create a healthy challenge. With this being said it is also important to be professional make ethnical business decisions.
Constantly educate yourself. Keep in touch with the latest fitness trends, new workouts and latest nutritional information and diet tips.
Last but not least always try to go the extra mile. Show your clients that you care and that you also want for them to succeed.
Fitness – If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you

Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer