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 Hairdressing Schools | Hairdressing Academy

Hairdressing Academy

The Hairdressing Industry is rapidly growing and to be the best in the field one needs to be properly trained. Most Hairdressing schools offers their own teaching style and study experience but it can become very difficult to choose the school best suited for you.
At International Academy of Hairdressing in Cape Town and Sandton we offer students the opportunity to work with top-end Hairdressing Equipment within a real hair Salon Environment.

The faculty are all fully qualified, head-hunted, warm, caring and see to all the needs of all students passing through the doors on the path to a bright and successful future.
Many students pursue a career on board a luxury cruise liner as International Academy is strongly affiliated with Steiner; they work on film sets and Fashion Shows or even own their own successful business after completion of the course – these are only a few factors contributing in setting International Academy apart from and above all the rest.
Hairdressing Schools


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