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 Pre-Requisite for Events | Events coordinator Requirements

Your Requirements for Events Co-ordination

  • Do you love meeting celebrities?
  • Do you love creating exciting fashion shoots and shows?
  • Do you like making people happy and feel good about them?
  • Do you like adventure?
  • Do you like spectacular music concerts?
  • Do you like weddings?
  • Do you like creating and designing fun games for team mates to take part in?

Yes to all the above?

Event management careers

Then Events Management is the Career for you to follow!

The most important pre-requisite for this course is to have successfully completed your Gr12 and obtain you National Senior Certificate. Then you must be able to work with people. You will have to be dedicated, disciplined and able to choreograph exciting social events for your clients to enjoy.

The following subjects will aid you with your studies:

  • Business Studies
  • CAT (Computer Application Technology)
  • Languages (English and a second Language)

You must have a love for organising, coordinating, planning and designing.

Being able to see three dimensional is also an asset. By this we refer to the ability to walk into a venue or onto a site and being able to visually construct the site set-up in your mind.

One of the most important assets is to be able to utilise your senses, namely: Smell, sight, taste, sound and touch. The ability to visualise the reaction or experience of the attendees can be seen as your sixth sense.
Being tied down to a chair behind a desk all day is not a pre-requisite for event management. You must be willing to travel to different venues and sites in order to create the ideal event.

Event coordinators for Hotel Groups often has to arrange outings for the guests and then travel with them to the different attractions or outings and takes part in the activities.

Being active and energetic is also advantageous.
As Event management ties in with the Tourism and Hospitality industry demands professionalism. Looking and acting the part is very important. Remember the following: It takes only 30 seconds to make a first impression and it lasts…


Good communication skills are important to ensure that you are able to effectively can manage staff as well as be able to handle clients in a professional manner. Good communication skills will also ensure that all correspondence with prospective vendors, clients and sponsors will be professional.

Events Management Requirements