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 Training - Burn Calories Fast | International Academy

5 Tips on Burning more Calories

1. Add Plyometrics to your exercise

Keeping reps low but intensity high will assist in burning calories. Plyometric Exercises are also referred to as explosive exercises for example box jumps and flying lunges These exercises definitely assist in burning more calories.

2. Add Interval Training

Interval training is a great way to have a good workout with limited time. The aim is to do exercises that get your heart rate to about 90% get it down again with active rest and keep on doing this.

3. Add strength training

Add strength training and weights to your exercise regime. This might not burn as many calories as cardio while doing the exercise but will burn more calories throughout the day. Strength training also increases lean muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolism.

4. Keep your body guessing

Yes, your body is clever enough to know what’s going to happen if you keep doing the same exercises. You should change your exercise regime every 4 weeks to keep your body guessing and push it more. “If you train the same, you remain the same”.

5. Pump up the jam

Have you ever been able to stand still with your favorite party song? Get a high beat play list for your workout. You will want to keep up with the beat while doing your workouts and the added bonus it’s so much fun.

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