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 What is Event Management | Courses | International Academy

What is Event Management?

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear the words Event Management, is weddings and many believe that it is a female dominant industry.
This is actually not true. Male event coordinators are hard to find but they do exist, e.g.: the owner of Big Concerts is male.

Event management is the combination of 5 elements in order to stage a spectacular, entertaining, well-orchestrated event.

Event management incorporated the following elements, namely:

1· Research

Before you can stage an event you will have to do research. There are many factors you will have to research such as the theme, venue, target market, economic impact studies, political impact studies, environmental impact studies, feasibility studies and much more.


2· Design

This is where your creativity gets put to the test. In the design process you will have to not only have to design the site set-up and layout but also the experience you want the attendees to be a part of. This is where your senses (Smell, sight, sound, touch, taste) are used to create an experience to be remembered.


3· Planning

The one golden rule to any successful event is planning. Without proper planning of factors such as the budget, timelines, checklists, staffing, production schedules, health and safety, etc. your event will not be successful and therefore not be sustainable. Failing to plan is planning to fail.


4· Coordination

This is where all the different aspects of your event (Planning, design, and research) are brought together and all the planned activities of all the participants, volunteers, vendors, staff members and attendees are carefully designed, planned and managed in order to achieve success.


5· Evaluation

Pre-, mid-, and post evaluations will have to be done in order for you to have control over the quality of the event. As we are creating events to compete with not only other national level but also internationally, we will have to constantly evaluate the standard of the event itself, the service delivery of vendors, the quality of merchandise sold and staff performance, to name but a few.
Acquiring these skills will enable you to host successful and sustainable events in the following sub-fields:

· Social Lifestyle Events

These include: Wedding planning, Birthday parties, Anniversary parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Reunions, fashion Shows and Gala Evenings.

· Meetings and Conferences

These can range from formal business meetings to arranging team-buildings for businesses.

· Sports Events

These include sporting events on amateur and professional level and can range from school sporting events to mega and hallmark events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

· Hospitality Events

These include: Receptions, Banquets, Outdoor Events, parties, Promotions, Fundraisers and Themed parties.

· Festivals

These include the planning and management of arts festivals and music festivals as well as Concerts.

· Political Events

Political events include: Political Road Shows, Party Campaign Events, Protest Marches, National and Provincial Government Elections, the Inauguration of the President and State Funerals.

· Exhibitions, Expositions and Fairs

These include all Expo’s (Sporting and Leisure) Car and Airplane Exhibitions and Street Fairs and markets.

· Retail Events

These can be either promotional or for entertainment purposes and usually takes place in Shopping Centers.