A Perfect Start to your Beauty Career

The International Academy opened its doors in Cape Town in 1990 and grew steadily to become one of the largest Health and Skin Care education providers in South Africa, serving not only local but international students as well.

From the beginning, the International Academy of Health and Skin Care owned its flourishing success to:

  • The commitment and dedication of Ms.Grewe, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the International Academy.
  • Providing prestigious qualifications that are recognized globally.
  • Focus on practical working experience and building confidence within the Health and Skin Care industry.


 You! Whether you’re interested in a career as a professional Health and Skincare Therapist, Beauty Technologist, Hairdresser, Personal Trainer, want to launch your own business or want to explore the rewarding field of International Opportunism, International Academy of Health and Skincare has the right course for you. We offer industry-relevant skills that will help you get into the workplace faster and sustain your career longer; whatever challenges you may encounter.

We look forward to welcoming you to International Academy of Health and Skincare – and providing you with a strong platform to reach your full health and skincare potential.


A training semester lasts from 12 months (Certificate Programmes) or 24 Months (Diploma Programmes), of which approximately (40%) is spent on campus and (60%) is spent at International Academy of Health and Skincare’s approved industry partners OR at our own inhouse salon and spa. During this time, students experience hands on training under direct mentorship, in a realistic work environment.


Never before have young South Africans been as urgently challenged to initiate their own job opportunities as they are today.

The International Academy of Health and Skin Care seek to answer the pressing need for creating such opportunities by providing professional training and expertise:

  • To provide effective training in both theory and practice which will equip students for a career in Beauty Technology.
  • To promote poise and healthy self-confidence in our students.
  • To develop student’s entrepreneurial skills to enable them to meet the challenges of the open market.
  • To include a work ethic to provide a pathway for further studies.
  • To reach out to communities by assisting them in their programs for promoting Beauty Technology.

So if you are ready to take hold of your future in the Beauty Industry, make sure to contact us NOW!  You can reach us via email on info@internationalacademy.co.za or visit our website on www.internationalacademy.co.za.

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