Starting your career with a strong foundation will stand you in good stead as you enter and progress in this industry.

Being an Internationally qualified Health and Skincare therapist, Beauty Technologist, Hairdresser or Fitness Professional opens doors to a career path filled with diverse opportunities; from owning your own business, working in top spa’s, salons, clinics and Fitness Facilities and working on luxury cruise ships.

The possibilities are endless.




We believe there can be no substitute for experience. Our 30 Year track record has ensured that we develop only courses that is fit for purposes. Our extensive focus on relevant training material, hands-on classes and experienced lecturers ensures a pleasant and motivating learning environment.



We offer only the best qualifications currently available in the world. Qualifications at this level ensures industry wide respect for our graduates. Our graduates are admired for their skills and by association represents quality training.



The International Academy of Health and Skin Care has been part of an International Community setting standards for the respective industries for years, operating at this level ensures that we meet world standards all the time. With external assessments conducted by International Examiners each year, excellence in the field of study is guaranteed.


Practical Focus and Skill Driven

As our student we feel it is our duty to ensure that you are highly skilled in not only the theory components but specially in practical competencies. We focus on practical by ensuring smaller classes and employing only the most experienced and skilled lecturers. With great practical skills comes great confidence that ultimately converts to job satisfaction and financial stability.


Industry Ready

We are passionate about equipping our students not only with the curriculum required knowledge and skills, but fully develop the student to a level that they can enter a workplace post studying to immediately start earning a decent living. We focus intensely on our work integrated learning strategy. The aim is to simulate as far as possible real-life simulated environments for students to interact with their future clients. Student can practice what they learn in real-time with support by professional lecturers.


International Comparable

We offer only qualifications that can compare with any standard in any country worldwide. Our long and standing relationships with the foremost gold standard award bodies CIDESCO and ITEC ensures that students do not need any additional qualifications skills or examinations to travel and work. A Qualification awarded by these bodies ensures you a passport to the International job market.



The mere fact that we have been in business for 30 years must count in our and our students favor. Relationships are key when starting off on your journey. We have access to the latest qualifications, innovations, and technologies. Simply put we know first when things are changing. Further to this our long-standing association with Cruise Ship job placements through Steiner, allows for immediate access to an International Placement after graduating.



When studying towards any qualification one must be diligent to ensure that all you achieve will be recognized. We have ensured that all our qualifications are not only recognized, but also fully accredited Nationally and International. This aspect is vital ensure oversight in how the Academy performs as one has regard to quality education and accountability.



When choosing a career path to follow, we believe that your choice should be one that will empower you and give you independence. With a practical skill you will always be able to create your own income and you do not need much to start a small business and then grow it to its full potential. Independence is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.



Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of the Academy and its students. Continues Development and Research is a mantra we stand by. New Technology and Teaching Styles can be implemented as soon as they become available thanks to our robust development strategies and our International Partners inputs that keeps us current and up to date. It is our ability to adapt that sets us apart from the rest.



The International Academy opened its doors in Cape Town in 1990 and grew steadily to become one of the largest Health and Skin Care education providers in South Africa, serving not only local but international students as well.
From the beginning, the International Academy of Health and Skin Care owned its flourishing success to:

  • The commitment and dedication of Ms.Grewe, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the International Academy.
  • Providing prestigious qualifications that are recognized globally.
  • Focus on practical working experience and building confidence within the Health and Skin Care industry.


You! Whether you’re interested in a career as a professional Health and Skincare Therapist, Beauty Technologist, Hairdresser, Personal Trainer, want to launch your own business or want to explore the rewarding field of International Opportunism, International Academy of Health and Skincare has the right course for you. We offer industry-relevant skills that will help you get into the workplace faster and sustain your career longer; whatever challenges you may encounter.

We look forward to welcoming you to International Academy of Health and Skincare – and providing you with a strong platform to reach your full health and skincare potential.


A training semester lasts from 12 months (Certificate Programmes) or 24 Months (Diploma Programmes), of which approximately (40%) is spent on campus and (60%) is spent at International Academy of Health and Skincare’s approved industry partners OR at our own inhouse salon and spa. During this time, students experience hands on training under direct mentorship, in a realistic work environment.


Never before have young South Africans been as urgently challenged to initiate their own job opportunities as they are today.

The International Academy of Health and Skin Care seek to answer the pressing need for creating such opportunities by providing professional training and expertise:

  • To provide effective training in both theory and practice which will equip students for a career in Beauty Technology.
  • To promote poise and healthy self-confidence in our students.
  • To develop student’s entrepreneurial skills to enable them to meet the challenges of the open market.
  • To include a work ethic to provide a pathway for further studies.
  • To reach out to communities by assisting them in their programs for promoting Beauty Technology.