A action-packed and hard-hitting one-year fitness training courses offer learners theory and practical that will prepare you for opportunities in careers such as personal training or health and fitness coaching.

Associated Qualifications

Fitness NQF Level 05 ; ITEC levels 02, 03 & 04

About our Fitness Course

Studying to be a part of the fitness world gives you the power to branch out into the world of active living and turn your passions into a productive and fulfilling career. Our fitness courses cover everything you need from the basics of anatomy and physiology, the principles of exercise, fitness and health to advanced fitness is covered here.

Over the one year course you will learn theoretical and practical skill over multiple disciplines, like how to plan and instruct your own fitness classes either as a one on one coach or with a group. We teach you to design and deliver your own personalised sessions in order to become the best personal trainer you can be.

This fitness training course includes nutrition as a subject in order for you to learn how best to apply the nutritional principles to your programmes. Health, safety and wellness are also an important part of the fitness environment, and we will teach you how to approach these in your career  

Our national and internationally recognised fitness course gives you everything you need to become a professional in the health and fitness industry. With this qualification, you have the power to build a career that you are passionate about. You will know how best to support your own future clients in their chosen physical activities in any age group, so you can choose to coach sport or train professional athletes in your future.  

With the International Academy Fitness course, you will have the knowledge and the power to build a bright future, as the internationally recognised ITEC diplomas and certificates available to you are prestigious qualifications sought after worldwide. Through us, this course offers a variety of National Certificates, as well as four different international diplomas.

Minimum requirements

Senior certificate or equivalent qualification.

Course duration

One year

Time commitment

Tuesday to Friday

Qualifications you will gain

National certificates on completion

National Certificate: Fitness SAQA ID 67693 NQF Level 05 (147 Credits)

International diplomas offered

1) Level 02 Diploma: Fitness Instruction (ITEC) 

2) Level 03 Certificate: Personal Training (ITEC) 

3) Level 03 Diploma: Holistic Massage (ITEC) 

4) Level 04 Certificate: Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC)