Our three-year hairdressing course offers three different qualifications as you progress through the syllabus, culminating in a professional hairdressing qualification. The programme includes theory and practical training and is split between on-campus training at the hairdressing academy, as well as an invaluable apprenticeship in the professional industry

Associated Qualifications

NQF Level 02,03 & 04; ITEC Levels 02 & 03

About our Hairdressing course

The first year of the hairdressing course is designed to serve as an introduction to the industry and provide the learner with the basics of hairdressing, while the second year focuses on the core hairdressing practices of cutting, relaxing, styling and colouring hair. Year three focuses on advanced hairdressing techniques such as perming, advanced colouring and braiding and dreadlocks as well as on a series of management functions designed to assist qualified hairdressers to set up and manage their own businesses.

At the hairdressing college, you will learn everything from the basics of the industry to advanced hair and beauty. We also empower professionals to start their own businesses once fully qualified

Each completed year of the hairdressing course will see you with a different and more advanced National Certificate, and accredited from internationally renowned UK based award body City-Guilds and iTEC, your diploma from the hairdressing academy is bound to take you places.

The International Academy of Health and Skin Care is proud to be associated with and have obtained full accreditation from International renowned UK Based Award Body ITEC, offering our students prestigious International Qualifications.

We have highly skilled and experienced lecturers to give you the edge in building a rewarding creative career, and our graduates are highly sought after in the industry. Even better, is that you can choose to do either a full-time or part-time course at the hairdressing academy, allowing you the freedom to learn according to your lifestyle.

Minimum requirements

Grade 9 or equivalent qualification.

Course duration

3 years total, between campus and apprenticeship.

Time commitment

Full time or part time course options.

Qualifications you will gain

National certificates on completion

1st year: National Certificate: Hairdressing NQF Level  02 SAQA ID 65750 LP 72009 (149 Credits)

2nd year: National Certificate: Hairdressing NQF Level  03 SAQA ID 65749 LP 72010 (130 Credits) 

3rd year: Further Education and Training Certificate: Hairdressing NQF Level 04 SAQA ID 65729 LP 72011 (145 Credits)

International diplomas offered


1) Level 02 Diploma Hairdressing

2) Level 03 Diploma Hairdressing

International Qualifications