Tips in choosing a training institution

Want to know some of the best tips in choosing the perfect training institution?

We know that this task can be overwhelming and confusing.

But choosing the perfect training institution is crucial in securing the best possible start to your chosen career.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing where you want to study.

  1. Learner support

The support learners receive during their training can have a huge impact on their success. Your training institution should offer you one-on-one support.

  1. Practical training

The skills and knowledge gained through your training should be relevant to your desired job outcomes. Depending on your chosen industry, practical placements and real-world experience should be a high priority to ensure you graduate confident and capable.

  1. International AND National accreditation

The majority training institutions be Internationally and Nationally accredited, but make sure that your chose training institutions offers International Courses as well.  This will allow you to travel the world with your qualification allowing you bigger and better career opportunities..

  1. Quality Education

While courses may have the same name and accreditation, they aren’t necessarily created equal. Explore what’s involved in the course, who your trainers will be and ask others about their experience with the training provider.

  1. Experienced trainers

For the best study journey, having passionate, knowledgeable trainers can make all the difference. Your future lecturers should have industry experience to share that offer insights to further your learning.

  1. Industry commitment

Ideally your training institution will specialize in the area you want to study in. Training institutions like International Academy of Health and Skincare  have a deep commitment to the Health and Skincare, Hairdressing and Fitness industries with strong industry contacts to help you advance on your career path.

Never before have young South Africans been as urgently challenged to initiate their own job opportunities as they are today.

The International Academy of Health and Skin Care seek to answer the pressing need for creating such opportunities by providing professional training and expertise:

  • To provide effective training in both theory and practice which will equip students for a career in Beauty Technology.
  • To promote poise and healthy self-confidence in our students.
  • To develop student’s entrepreneurial skills to enable them to meet the challenges of the open market.
  • To include a work ethic to provide a pathway for further studies.
  • To reach out to communities by assisting them in their programs for promoting Beauty Technology.

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